Ecosystem Builder Interview with Taylor Sanders Grande and Margaret Hedderman of Startup Colorado

When you foster relationships between entrepreneurs across different communities, the benefits span to everyone across the region and create a snowball effect for change. This week, episode 3 of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast is about working together to support emerging communities. 

CO.STARTERS Generator is a modular self-paced program that helps middle school, high school, and college students explore their passions through generating, testing, and launching ideas for businesses and social ventures. With the ability to participate individually or with a classroom or community group, CO.STARTERS Generator is a great way to inspire youth with the vision, enthusiasm, and tenacity needed to move from idea to action. 

In this episode of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast, Jacob and Lauren, joined by their guests Taylor and Margaret from Startup Colorado share the importance of communities working together to benefit their region as a whole and providing these entrepreneurs the resources and opportunities to do so.


Taylor Sanders Grande

Director of Partnerships and Ecosystem Development at Startup Colorado



Margaret Hedderman

Communications & Editorial Director at Startup Colorado


About the Guests

    In this episode, we sat down with two talented ecosystem builders from Startup Colorado.  Taylor Sanders Grande serves as the Director of Partnerships and Ecosystem Development. Margaret Hedderman serves as the Communications & Editorial Director, which includes producing Startup Colorado’s awesome podcast.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How Startup Colorado works to identify emerging communities within their region and their role in fostering these communities. 
    • Tips for entrepreneurs to go out, pitch themselves, and share their own story. 
    • How they managed to pull active individuals into their online network and how they continue to track impact. 
    • A look into their network for capital education and resources. 
    • How their relationships with local schools allow them to introduce entrepreneurship to students at a young age. 
    • Where Startup Colorado started and the next chapter in their journey. 

    About Startup Colorado

    Startup Colorado is a rural outreach program within the Silicon Flatirons Center at the University of Colorado Law School, founded in 2011 by Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser and friends. Learn more at