Become a District C Certified Coach to facilitate the Teamship program in your classroom.

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Applications are due by May 20, 2022.

What is Teamship?

Teamship is a novel internship experience through which teams of students solve real problems for real businesses.

The Teamship Experience

If we want to teach students how to work in diverse teams to solve complex problems, we need to give them more opportunities to do just that. In teams of four, students solve meaningful and urgent problems for businesses and organizations. No case studies or hypotheticals. The most critical part of the experience is that it’s real.



Four students with different backgrounds, strengths, passions, perspectives, and experiences come together to form a problem-solving team.



Teams build their team dynamic and interview their business partner to better understand the business problem and context.



With support from their coach, teams work to understand the root problem, test potential solutions, and create a solution proposal for the business partner.



Teams propose their solution to the business partner and answer questions in a live workshop attended by community stakeholders, school partners, and parents.

Want to learn more about Teamship?

There is more information to be found about the Teamship program on the District C website.

How do I become a District C Certified Coach to facilitate the Teamship program?


WHAT: Meet with a member of the District C team.

WHEN: 30-minute session scheduled at your convenience right after you apply, but no later than May 27, 2022.

WHERE: Online using Zoom video conferencing.

Phase 1: DO it

WHAT: Over the course of 2 weeks, work on a team with other educators to solve a real problem for a real business.*

WHEN: Training sessions and team meetings will be scheduled for:
(all times eastern)

June 20, 2022 – July 1, 2022
10:00 am – 1:00 pm ET

WHERE: Live online using Zoom conferencing technology.

*Coaching Fellows who want the training but do not plan to implement a formal District C experience can opt to participate in Phase 1 only.

Phase 2: SEE it

WHAT: Observations and debriefs. Observe recorded sessions of student teams and experienced coaches in action, and then debrief your observations with other Coaching Fellows and a District C coach.

WHEN: July 5, 2022 – August 8, 2022 (2-3 hours per week). Observations — flexible schedule, on your own time. Debriefs — weekly 45-minute meetings, choose from multiple schedule options.

WHERE: Observations — online recordings. Debriefs — live online meetings using Zoom video conferencing technology.

Certification Assessment

WHAT: Earn District C certification by completing an online assessment with members of the District C team.

WHEN: 75-minute session scheduled at your convenience between August 1 – August 19, 2022.

WHERE: Online using Zoom video conferencing.


WHAT: Use the District C Playbook to implement Teamship at your school or institution. Choose from multiple implementation types, from 1-week intensive programs to full-year, for-credit courses.

WHEN: Whenever you want, starting Fall 2022 or after.

WHERE: At your school or institution.


All fees are paid by the school, school district, or institution.

THE COACHING INSTITUTE: $2,500 per participant
Transformational certification to prepare educators to be expert Teamship coaches. (Scholarships are available from RISE Collaborative for educators in Southern Virginia wishing to complete the District C Coaching Institute.)

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $1,000 per school, nonprofit, or community college per year; $5,000 per 4 year university per year
Includes business partner matching, access to the District C Playbook, ongoing professional development opportunities for certified coaches, and ongoing support from the District C team.

Wanting to know more about the benefits of District C and Teamship? Watch this video.

Ready to Become a District C Certified Coach?

Complete the application today! Applications are due by Friday, May 20th.

Have more questions about the program?

For more questions regarding the District C/Teamship model and training, please contact

Anne Jones

District C Co-Founder

To express interest in a RISE Collaborative scholarship for the District C Coaching Institute, please contact

Jessie Vernon

IALR – Program Manager, Advanced Learning