On May 18, 2022, guest speaker Kim King of Benchmark Community Bank shared information about how your personal credit score impacts getting a small business loan.  She shares tips on building, repairing, and monitoring your credit.

It just takes time and effort, consistency, a little bit of restraint, accountability, and resolve when it comes to fixing your credit report. But these things also have to be in place for you to keep your credit score in a good place.

Kim King

Relationship Development Officer, Benchmark Community Bank

About the Speaker

Kim King is a Relationship Development Officer at Benchmark Community Bank. Kim has worked in finance and real estate for over 35 years. Her career started as a teller. She went on to become a realtor after about five years.  She enjoyed the financing part of buying a home, so she transitioned into a role as a mortgage banker. After about eight years, she decided she wanted a new challenge, and she moved to business banking. She’s also been a branch manager.

Kim has a passion for helping people make a better financial future for themselves. As a relationship development officer, she gets to do that every day by helping customers through whatever processes are necessary for them to meet their goals and financial growth. This includes everything from owning a home to building a business.


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